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Company Operations

Superior Equipment & Employees

Shalata’s Land Clearing projects often call for equipment and expertise above and beyond ordinary requirements. This requires us to be up to date with the most stringent safety and environmental regulations in the industry.

Our employees attend daily jobsite-specific safety meetings to discuss all the safety concerns about the job and goals for the day. We also conduct routine scheduled safety meetings each quarter.

Our specialized line of work requires the right equipment, all of which is complex and requires skilled operators. We provide some of the best equipment on the market in order to provide our employees with safe, reliable equipment to complete projects in a safe and timely manner.

In 2019, to keep our equipment well-maintained, we built a 15,000 square foot garage with five bays. It is used for routine maintenance on all trucks, trailers and equipment, as well as overhauls on trucks as needed.

When coupled with experienced and knowledgable employees, a significant investment in tools, support equipment and inventory keeps our operation up and running ... safely.

Employment Opportunities

We do not have any current openings, but please check back later.